Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa)


Wild Lettuce is also known as Lettuce opium. This is due to the strong narcotic and hypnotic effects which are, milder than the psycho-active effects of Opium. Wild lettuce has been used for centuries because of its sedating and anesthetic properties. In the 19th century, doctors and pharmacists regularly used lactucarium, a plant extract, when normal opium wasn't available. Lactucarium is a safe opium substitute, because it is not addictive. There are no reports of anyone experiencing and overdose from lactucarium (Wild Lettuce extract) even in larger dosages. In the 1970's, Lacuca virosa(wild Lettuce) was very popular in America. Where it was sold under multiple names like Lettuce opium, l'opium and lettucene.

Wild Lettuce can be smoked, taken in capsules or drank as a tea. The effects associated with Wild lettuce is a "Opium Like" very relaxed and euphoric feeling.  


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1 oz.

28 grams



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112 grams


16 oz.

1 pound


Wild Lettuce Liquid Extract (Lactuca virosa)

Triple cooked distilling process. It is a 100% pure herbal extract and does NOT contain any chemical additives or preservatives of any kind.

Our Wild Lettuce Liquid Extract is produced for optimal potency and is equal to a 20 - 25X extract. It is VERY Strong and we do mean VERY STONG. This is one product that is not for the weak.  

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1/2 oz


Wild Lettuce Herbal Extract (Lactuca virosa)

Our herbal Wild Lettuce Extract is equal to a 20 to 25X extract. Meaning this extract is 20 - 25 times stronger than wild lettuce leaf.

As always our Wild Lettuce products are produced for optimal potency.  

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Herbal Extract

1 gram


Wild lettuce has a long and established reputation for having beneficial medicinal properties when used in certain ways. Any information about Wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa) on our web site is provided for historical background and educational purposes only. Due to the many different uses for this herb the only thing we can say with authority is you should educate yourself on any of the herbs that you purchase, this will enable you to get much more out of it. The Internet is a great place to research herbs. So learn all you can and be responsible.... Statements regarding Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician.


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